Tuesday, December 23, 2008

An Update on the Fords

This past week Peyton had croup and went in for breathing treatments & steroids on Monday & again on Wednesday. It was awful to have him sick, but at the same time kind of nice to have his scream weakened. Dyllan over the weekend put his tooth through his bottom lip. He was a little too excited to finish his movie and did a seal dive onto his bed right into his foot board. His poor little mouth was bloody and he cried for a minute and then was fine. Earlier in the week a lady tried to squeeze past us at Costco in a hurry to get a sample and smashed Dyllan's little finger between the carts. It swelled up huge, I thought it was broken, but I think she smashed a blood vessel or something because it has stayed black & blue, but he can bend it and he says it doesn't hurt. Ice Cream was all it took to make that one all better. I can't believe how tough little boys are and how often they really do get hurt. This is a weekly routine for us now with two toddler boys. They sure are a lot of fun though, nothing makes me happier.

On Sunday the boys got to wear their new church attire and they looked so stinkin cute! They were being missionators is what Dyllan says. He loves the Missionators, I love that he makes them sound like super heroes because they really are!

Saturday we went to see Santa at 10 and there was no line! They got to go right over and talk to him and sit on his lap. Dyllan told him exactly what he wanted, a Buzz Lightyear. They both sat and listened to him and neither of them cried at all which really surprised me!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

We had our pictures taken this weekend for our Christmas card & just to update the family pictures around the house. Here are a bunch of our favorites. Sorry, there were a lot of favorites. They were taken on just off of the walking trail in our neighborhood. It was lots of fun, cold, but still lots of fun!!

Just the two of us

I love my wonderful husband!!

They are so stinkin cute!!

All he wanted to do was stand right there, so we finally just let him. He loves to be the center of attention.

We used this one for our Christmas card.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Family Night this Week

For family night this week we bought two little trees and nativity ornaments for the boys. As we taught them about each part of the nativity they put the piece on the tree. They learned a lot and were so cute! Right after we were done though the ornaments were all off and they just played with them. Just before family night Dyllan said the cutest thing! We were eating spaghetti for dinner and after he took a bite he goes "mmm, that's good, thanks mom" I almost fell off of my chair. He seems so much older than he is sometimes. One more funny quote from the other day. We were sitting in the pediatrician's office for Peyton's appt. and Dyllan sat on one of those little chairs grabbed a book and sat there with his legs crossed. All of the sudden he puts the book down in his lap, looks up at me and says "what that toot doin in mys bum?" I started laughing and said I don't know what that toot was doin in your bum. It was so dang funny. Anyway, here are some pictures from family night.

Dyllan with spaghetti sauce still on his face

Peyton Decorating his Tree

Justin Exhausted after Finals!

Peyton's Favorite Place in the House

Sunday morning just reading a book on the heat vent!

He loves standing & sitting right on the vent in my bathroom, so funny!