Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Justin really wanted to grow the boys hair out so we let it go for a while, but it just got too long for me. They look so much better with short hair! It always just looks messy when it's long. I was going to let Dyllan's go because it's kind of curly & doesn't look as bad, but when he saw Peyton's cut he wanted me to cut his too. Yeah! They look so cute! The last picture was after I was done cleaning up all the hair they were sitting in the laundry basket watching The Brady Bunch! They are so much fun to watch grow up, I love that they are so close!

I love his little chicklet teeth!

He looks way older with his hair short, I can't believe he's turning three!

They are best friends!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Week

Monday we decided to carve our pumpkins for family night. Dyllan was so excited to help & had a blast ripping out the seeds & throwing the guts all over. Peyton on the other hand thought it was gross & didn't want anything to do with it. Having the boys help carve was so fun! Don't get me wrong it was fun to carve pumpkins when it was just the two of us, but the kids get so excited & it makes it so much better.

Wednesday was playgroup & we had a Halloween parade, played games, decorated cookies & had balloons & bubbles to keep the kids entertained. Some of the moms offered to make cookies & frosting, it was great to have them volunteer & not have to spend money on any of it. We ended up with 27 toddlers, it was so much fun! The boys had fun running around the gym with their friends & eating lots of frosting & candy. Dyllan was eating the frosting out of the can, he didn't really care to use it for decorating.
On Friday we got the boys ready & took them out trick-or-treating & they lasted about an hour and a half, which was longer than I thought they would. Dyllan loved every minute of it & walked the whole way. Peyton would not put his candy in his bag until he got another one, he would go to trade his candy at every door. The weather was great, we didn't have to bundle them up this year, you could actually see their costumes! They both ended up with lots of yummy candy & special treats from their older friends in the neighborhood. We have the greatest neighbors!
(they look so bored in this pic)
At the end of the night (8:00) the boys were all exhausted & out for the night? Yeah right, it was a nap for t he boys & Justin slept most the rest of the night. It was such a fun night, I love spending time as a family.