Monday, January 25, 2010

Christmas Time 2009, I am so behind!

So keeping three kids busy all winter has kept me from keeping up on the blog. Hopefully I can catch up in the next little while. Until then, here are some pictures from Christmas and the month of December. Christmas was great! We spent the morning at home opening presents and playing the wii. The boys had lots of fun!

These two are hilarious to watch and listen to while they play.

I love watching him have fun with the kids!

He is just as intense as his dad

She loves her dad's attention. She will just stare at him until he looks at her and then her face lights up and she giggles, it is so stinkin cute!

I love her cute little smile

Performing her balancing act

Izabelle's Christmas dress

Justin & Brandon posing in their Snuggies from Heather

The boys love their bath time. Their skin colors are completely different!

Izabelle with her great great grandma Soffe

Peyton on our way to do some Christmas shopping

Giving her dad a big smile on her blessing day

At Petersen's on Christmas Eve
Seeing Santa at the mall. Dyllan enjoyed it, Peyton hated it and Izabelle spit up and pooped on him. Poor old man.