Tuesday, May 29, 2012

6 Months!

Well, Dahlia made it to 6 months and we are so grateful she is so healthy and happy! We all adore her so much! She gets "over-loved" by her siblings quite a bit. She is mommy's little girl for sure and I wouldn't change a thing. I am having a hard time with her growing up so fast since she is the last baby for us. Don't get me wrong, i don't want more kids, but the fact that this part of my life is coming to an end is really a sad thing for me so I am loving the fact that she wants mommy all the time. I'm not loving the fact that she is up on her hands and knees and trying to crawl already. I have a feeling she will be walking at 9 months like some of her siblings. I also have a feeling i might be pushing her over trying to stop her from growing up too fast. I'm totally kidding, but I really thought that maybe she would stay a baby forever. I am just grateful I get to see her growing up. There were times in the hospital when I would be begging my Heavenly Father to let me keep her, at least for a little longer. I wondered what she will look like when she is Izabelle's age and through each of life's milestones. I am so grateful my prayers were answered and she made it through her illnesses so that we get to have her here with our family. She showed us how strong she is and taught us a lot about patience and faith.
Her 6 month stats were:
Weight: 15lbs. 28%
Height: 26 in. 56%
Head: 45.3 cm. >97%
Another big noggin, all 4 of them have been off the charts with their big heads.

She is clapping all the time now because we spend most of our days at baseball with the boys where we all cheer loudly!
We love her gummy smile, no teeth yet!
We love our Bottom Dolla!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I love that these two are close in age, I hope that they stay close friends forever and love having each other around!
 You cant get more relaxed than that!
Two little angels while they are sleeping.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dahlia Jocelyn Ford

Dahlia arrived November 2, 2011 weighing 6lbs 7oz. 21 inches long! We are so happy to have her here, she is such a good baby! It was another scheduled induction which i have loved all four times. We went in that morning and got an IV started and waters broken and started regular contractions before pitocin but decided to get the pit going too to speed things up. I didn't wait long for an epidural this time because i wanted to take a nap! I love that childbirth is an enjoyable thing for me! Being in the hospital that morning and getting ready is seriously one of my favorite things. This time though it was bitter sweet, my last baby, so i was trying to enjoy every minute of it.  


Hanging out waiting for our last baby to get here! Justin was getting pretty bored, he grabbed the Dr.'s stool that spins and is on wheels and he was taking action shots starting on one side of the room and running and riding the stool while snapping pictures. It made for some pretty good entertainment and blurry pictures!

Doing exactly what we wanted her to do, SCREEEAAAM! It's amazing how badly you want to hear that sound when they are first born and how badly you want them to stop once you're home!
My doctor told me throughout my pregnancy how strong this little girl was and as soon as they gave her back to me she pulled her head up and looked at me, it was awesome! We didn't know at that time just how strong she was and would need to be.
I was so excited that the kids got to come to the hospital this time! They were really excited to meet their new baby sister!
She has lots of black hair and looks a lot like her daddy.
Peyt is such a good big brother, he loves his sisters and is so good to them.
Izabelle wanted to just squeeze her and kiss her and take her home, she LOVES her baby.
Dyllan is so sweet with Dahlia, always wanting to hold her and concerned about what is going on with her. it was such a relief that they were all excited about the baby and love her so much.
Dyllan will take any chance he can get to hold Dahlia, he's such a good big brother. He looks so old and handsome, those blue eyes are awesome!
She has kept her dark hair so far, she might be totally opposite of Izabelle. She has a perfect little face!
We adore her!

These are the pictures we used for her announcements, she is one week old in these, I feel like those days passed way too fast!
We love her so much!!