Tuesday, July 21, 2009

This Summer So Far...

We LOVE going to the Bees games. Our boys love Bobby Wilson and he loves them. He comes and talks to them before every game that we go to, gives them balls and waves at them throughout the game.

Peyt with his Glub

Dyllan with one of the balls from Bobby

We got to go down on the field and watch fireworks with Bobby and Lori on the Fourth.

The boys in their Bobby Wilson Fan Club shirts.

The Fourth of July parade. We go to Murray's parade every year and have McDonald's breakfast and get lots of candy and for some reason we love going. I've been going for 23 years and Justin has been coming for the past 5. To let you know how much we love it, we took Peyton two years ago. He was born on the 2nd in the evening and we got out of the hospital early and went at 6:30 Am on the 4th. My brother made my sister in law bring her twins this year and they were about four weeks old. Tradition.

Waiting for the parade to start.

They throw pop pops in the street while they wait.

Grandpa teasing the boys.

Pointing at dad while he tries to take a picture

Peyton turned two on July second.

Cruising around in the Mustang Justin got for them.

We had the family over for cake and ice cream but didn't take any pictures while everyone was here for some reason.

We go to lunch with some friends every week and a few weeks ago they got a free meal if they were dressed like cows, so we all dressed our kids like cows and got free lunch! My pictures didn't turn out with everyone in them but the five of them looked so cute!


He wasn't very excited to be dressed up.

Baseball started for Dyllan and Justin got to coach his team! It was so fun to watch. The boys love baseball more than anything and since his dad was coach and they only had 7 players on the team Peyton got to play a little bit too!

D playing third.

Peyt being silly

Peyt's cute little face

Justin coaching with both of his boys

Coaching toddlers...

Best Friends waiting to bat

Dyllan got to play Spring soccer this year too. He had fun being able to play with some of his best friends Charlie & Trey. (Peyton was really jealous)

Taking a break

Throwing it in

He was so proud of his trophy!

We went to St. George again for my cousin's wedding and stayed a few days at my parents house.

All my boys at the pool

The boys being boys

After Dinner at the Pizza Factory
And lastly, we are getting excited to have a baby girl in the house, especially these two.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Peyton!! (July 2nd) We love you so much and are so grateful to have such an adorable sweet boy in our family! He is such a good brother and I can't wait to see how sweet he will be to his new sister. I love waking up to his sweet voice every morning telling me "hi mommy, I love you." It's always a great way to start my day. Love you Peyt, hope your birthday was great!

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