Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Baby Shower Idea

Jen's shower is coming up for her twins and I want to get her something different so I've been hunting around for something unique and I found this. It is the Baby Bunch, cute huh! One problem, it's $59.99 plus shipping. That's a bit ridiculous for one bib, one t-shirt, one hat, two pair of socks and a pair of pants with a few artificial roses if you ask me.

Here is my take on the same idea. There are 5 Carter onsies and two pair of socks plus I got a cute tin to put them in and realistic looking roses. It looks a little different, but I paid under $20 to make mine.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Easter was so much fun! We had an egg hunt and dinner at my Grandma Rose's house on Saturday afternoon and the boys had so much fun. It started raining and D was freezing, but they had a good time with all of my little cousins. On Sunday we went to Stake Conference. I was so wxcited to put them in their new suits! Dyllan thought he was pretty sweet and Peyton was well, Peyton. That evening we went to my Grandma Bullough's house for dinner and her Jelly Bean hunt. The boys had fun there and played with my two cousins who are still little. Next year my parents will have five grand kids, so they get to start their own traditions! D and Peyt have been the lonely two for a while so it will be fun to have cousins on the Soffe side!

Peyton finding his eggs at Grandma Rosies.

Dyllan freezing and finding his eggs

I promise Peyton does smile sometimes!

Before Church

After Church

See, he's kind of smiling!

Dyllan is always ready to pose, this is his classic cool face.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

What we've been up to

Here are a few things we've been up to these past few weeks. We went to the Utah Funeral Directors Association Convention at the Energy Solutions Arena, played outside the one day that it was warm enough, and Prom 2009. We also went to the doctor and got to have an ultrasound and see the baby at 10 weeks but I don't have the scanner hooked up to the laptop so I can't put the ultrasound pictures on yet. Everything looks good though, we're both healthy.
They love D-Will
D-Will Edition BMW

It was just sitting out in the hall where the Jazz come out to walk onto the court. I can't remember how much it was, but it was ridiculous.

They had so much fun making baskets!

Dyllan was pretty good at dribbling, he is really coordinated for a three year old.

Justin trying to make us some money.

The boys had to go with us to 80% of the convention booths before they could go down and play on the court so by this time they were dying to just play.

Peyton fell asleep and Dyllan decided to put a rug on him as a blanket, put the pillow between his head and the bed and stuck an empty pack of fruit snacks there for him. What a nice brother!
Last week there was one day that was warm enough for the boys to go out and play! They had so much fun riding their bikes and scooters around all afternoon.

Dyllan's first attempt at riding his scooter and he did really well.

I helped my sister get ready for Prom two weeks ago.

I did her hair & make-up and helped her pick out her fun dress! It was a lot of fun and she looked FABULOUS!