Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Posing with a smile
What they usually look like
Our pretty tree and presents before we woke up the kids. It was 8:30 by the time we woke them up, pretty sweet.

Justin's Christmas present was this TV and entertainment/fireplace. He got me a new camera!

Santa left three cookies, just enough for all the kids with a thank you note and the key we left him so he could get in.

Izabelle wouldn't open her eyes, but she kept smiling while we were talking to her, telling her to wake up.

The boys sleeping horizontally on the bottom bunk. Gotta love the bed head
Sleepy Peyt didn't want to get up yet

Having to wait at the top of the stairs

Running down the stairs ready to see what they got from Santa!

Peyt stopped for a quick second for a picture

Our adorable Bellie Boop

Boom was more interested in eating the cookies than she was in opening presents.

I was amazed at how well the boys were sharing everything and being so nice to each other! It made for a really nice Christmas morning.

Loving her big doggy

She would not stop climbing on the dollhouse! I kept getting her down and telling her no and she kept climbing back up and jumping up and down yelling MAAM, MAAAM until i paid attention and got her down again. She is exhausting sometimes but we adore her.

Peyton did not want me taking pictures of him at all. As you can see he's not thrilled that I got one.

Yelling at me to look at her while she is doing exactly what I told her not to do. I wish I had video of her yelling MAAAM at me but it is on the video camera I hope.

Part of the chaotic mess after the presents are all opened

Everyone is happy and playing with their new stuff!

I love my Pete

Adorable face, right? But you can't have Christmas without a little tantrum from a tired 1 year old.


Full Blown Tantrum. You have got to love little girls.

Uncle Josh harassing Peyton as usual

Dyllan, my adorable almost 5 year old!

My cute nephew Tyler

My cute nephew Matthew. I made them superhero capes (with the help of my friend Karrie) for Christmas and they turned out really cute!

Izabellie & Grandpa Molly

Swinging upside down, her hair stays in a nice little part.

This cute little face knows how to get what he wants.

Brandon & Jen got all the kids Pillow Pets!

The boys both got an iXL with Batman and Toy Story games. Justin helped Peyton figure his out and they have been keeping the boys well entertained.

Dyllan mastering his iXL

Miss Independent decided she was hungry about a half hour after we ate so she took this apple out of Jen's diaper bag.

Dyllan's big cheese

My tired baby girl

Saturday, December 18, 2010

New Camera

Justin got me a new Camera for Christmas and I got it a little early. I read the entire book that evening and these pictures are from messing around with the settings and trying to get things the way I wanted them.
My handsome three and a half year old.

A big cheese from the D man.

Those eye lashes are killer!

Seriously, they are so long!

Izabelle definitely performed for me, here are some of her silly faces.

She's so fun!

This year we got Bernard to watch our kids and report to Santa. I was suprised at how well it worked for our kids.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bath Time and a Missionary Cake

So my new camera is sweet! It can make the water stop, it looks like icicles coming off of his head!

I know he is really skinny, but I promise we feed him.

Boom is really tiny too, but she eats more than her brothers. Lucky girl.

We can't resist this face!
At the first of December we made this Missionary cake for Heather's friend Mark who is leaving in January. It actually turned out pretty good.