Monday, September 15, 2008

We are so sad that the Bees are done playing! We spent a lot of our summer at the Bees games with the mortuary's season tickets. The boys absolutely love going to the games. Dyllan is obsessed with watching Bobby Wilson, he carries around his card & pretends to be him. He runs around the house yelling "Bobby Wilson, Number One!!" If you have ever played with him I'm sure you have had to get down on your knees like a catcher & be "the guy". If you aren't in the right stance, he will let you know & make you fix it before you can play ball with him. Our seats were right past the first base line where the pitchers warm up so Bobby was always right there so Dyllan could watch him. Peyton on the other hand is more in love with the mascot & the food. The players were so cute to Peyton & Dyllan.
They get balls at every game! Thank you to Bobby Wilson, Freddy Sandoval, Henry Bonilla & Jim Eppard for being so nice to the Boys!

The boys are obsessed with the Bee!

Waiting for the fireworks to start

The boys love the games!
Can't wait for next season!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Park City

We stayed up in Park City a couple of weeks ago & went to take some pictures in the little overgrown cemetary. Wierd, I know, but what do you expect from the Soffes? It was really pretty though. I finally got the pictures back from my dad, so here they are!

If you can't tell, he is harrassing me as usual.

Peyton & Jennifer, my boys love her & Butch (Brandon)

All the kids but Josh, only one more Summer without him though.
My kids don't love holding still for pictures, especially Peyton.

Pulling Dyllan's "Cool Face" Peyton hasn't quite got it down yet.

4 Years, can you believe it?

Our little crew, I feel really out numbered but I wouldn't trade them for anything!