Monday, June 1, 2009

It's a...


Here is one of her profile shots.

Both of her hands were wide open. The boys always had fists in their ultrasounds. The technician said they usually do have them in fists so it was unusual to see them both wide open like that.

This is how she is positioned right now, starting her yoga already!

And her cute profile again with her mouth open!

We are so excited to find out that we are having a girl!! Dyllan was happy to hear that he was right, Cinderella is in mom's belly. He would have refused to believe otherwise anyway. Peyton on the other hand did not even want to see the baby. Hopefully it will be easier for him to adjust to having a baby sister so he can still be the baby boy for a few more years. Justin and I are very excited also! Justin just kept smiling and on the way out said that he could feel his hair going grey and falling out already. I am excited to shop! There is so much more girl stuff to choose from than boys! Other than that everything looks really good with her and we are both still healthy!