Wednesday, July 21, 2010

In the spring we had the Utah Funeral Directors Association Convention again at the ESA and had dinner and walked around the booths and then took the kids down on the court to shoot and play around. It was a lot of fun. Justin & I went to the game the next night and took Izabelle, she hated it. Baseball started a few months ago so we have been enjoying the Bees games. Bobby even made it back for a game while he was on the injured list and we got his jersey. We had a great spring!

Justin tried to win us some cash with the half court shot. It hit the rim.
Daddy & his little girl

Jen & Heather got to entertain the babies all night.

My little nephews Matthew & Tyler

My cute kids on the Jazz floor. This is now a yearly tradition.

Josh & Peyt

I think Justin spent most of the night lifting the boys up so they could shoot.

Izabelle even had fun playing on the floor (6 Months)

My good lookin hubs

D had lots of fun, this year we actually remembered to bring his own ball.

Peyton got the VHS movies out and decided to sit in the basket that they were in and look at the covers. He was annoyed that I was taking his picture.

Dyllan got dressed in his suit all by himself one Sunday and this was the finished product. I love his face in this picture!

At the end of March my little brother came home from his mission and wanted to have a sleepover with the boys. They had so much fun!

Grandma Rosie reading to Peyton

Grandma Great Great Soffe with Izabelle. She loves her Grandma.

A little bit of Feb & March

She is always sucking a different finger

5 months!

Those lips and cheeks! I love them!

The boys ask to hold Izabelle all the time. They absolutely adore her and are such good big brothers, I hope things stay that way.

All of the family was here for Max's Blessing so we got a picture of all the kids!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Hawaii June 2010

We went to Kauai on June 11th through the 18th with my family.I was so stressed that the plane ride would be terrible with three little kids, but they did awesome! I was so happy that they enjoyed it and no one screamed. When we got there we went to Costco to get food for the week and eat dinner then back to the timeshare to get settled. On Saturday we went to a farmer's market at the KCC and had some yummy food. Then we headed to glass beach to get some more glass & see the cemetery. We stopped by a little market on the way back and got some more homemade food and jewelry.

Sunday we spent the day at church and driving up in the mountains stopping at the look outs.

My cute Peyton is getting so big!

Dyllan sporting his sweet glasses and Justin & I with Josh & Heather

This was at the top of the mountain, it was so beautiful!

Peyton was terrified of the waves because they took my shoe & Dyllan's shoes so he stayed back on the grass most of the time.

Justin helped Dyllan catch a wave and ride it in! I couldn't resist taking pictures of my gorgeous husband.

The kids all loved the pool. I think we went swimming in it almost every day.

Izabelle would splash like crazy and giggle, she loved soaking herself.

They were filming Pirates 4 while we were there and the cast was staying at the Marriott too. I stopped Gibbs (Kevin McNally) and his daughter and talked to them a bit. They were so nice and were at the pool everyday. Barbosa was at the pool getting fried with his wife almost everyday too. It was kind of fun to see the cast walking around. The makeup crew really liked Izabelle and caught Justin and talked to him for quite a while. They lived in parts of Justin's mission so they had some things in common and asked us about our parenting and morals. They had obviously run into missionaries before because when we said we were Mormon they offered us a drink and laughed. They were really nice and I think it made Justin a little homesick for England.

On Monday afternoon we went on a ferry ride up the Wailua to Fern Grotto.
Izabelle had terrible allergies in Kauai so that is why her face is red and swollen in most of the pictures. She was still happy though and kept a smile on her itchy little face!

Peyton being silly and my poor Izabelle with her swollen eyes.

After Fern Grotto it was on to the Smith family Luau. Before dinner we rode the trolley around the grounds and then walked the grounds until it was time to watch the pig come out of the ground and eat our yummy dinner. After dinner there was some fun entertainment from all of the Polynesian countries.

The beautiful grounds

Watching the pig come up & waiting to eat

My handsome boys enjoyed their dinner and entertainment afterwards.

On Tuesday we went to a beach in Wailua so that the big boys could boogie board and the kids could play in the sand. They had a blast. Thanks to Dr. Duane Harris, a great allergist, Izabelle got medicine and felt much better this day and the puffy itchy face went away!

Dyllan got buried up to his neck again. You can't even tell he is under the bucket!

They didn't love that I made them stop playing to take a picture, this was the best one out of about ten. Justin on the other hand noticed I was taking his picture and was even nice enough to pose! I love him!

My brown sleeping beauty.

On Wednesday it was kids stay while parents play day. Justin & I went boating out on the Wailua River with our driver Kenny and his dog. We had a blast! Neither of us had been boating in about ten years but we didn't have any trouble remembering how and nobody got injured! It was so much fun, the water was glass and the scenery was amazing. Now Justin is asking for a boat again though.

Justin on the Slalom.

Then he tried the Knee board. Me on the wake board.

Justin on the wake board. I didn't try slalom, maybe next time.

We were done boating by the afternoon so we went back and got the kids and went with the family to a plantation for a train ride tour.

We got to get out and feed the pigs their dinner in the middle of the ride.

I think we wore them out everyday, they definitely slept better there.

More swimming with dad and I couldn't resist those cute little bums!

The last day before we went to the airport we decided to spend the last hour or so on the beach just enjoying the ocean and perfect weather.

The grass and beach are right past the pool, it is the perfect setup on a little inlet.

We can't wait until we can go back. Kauai is so beautiful, we love it! We were all sad to leave, but had so much fun while we were there!