Saturday, October 24, 2009

Izabelle Daphne Ford

Izabelle was born on Tuesday at 5:39. We went in in the morning and got hooked up on the pit and IV's. I got to a 6 pretty quick and then stopped for a few hours because she was posterior and didn't want to turn. I flipped from side to side trying to get her to move, but she waited until she was good and ready to turn and once she did she came right away. Everything went really well and she was 6lbs 4 oz. 19.5 inches long. She has a ton of dark hair, none of the pictures really show it, but it is down her neck and over her ears, it is so cute. I hope she doesn't lose it all. With all of the new rules we had 1-2 visitors at a time that night, then Justin went home to sleep with the boys. He came back in the morning to spend the day with me & Izabelle until we could be discharged. We went to get the boys from my parents so they could meet their sister and we could all go home. It has been an adjustment the past few days, but the boys adore her and have done really well. We are hoping she won't have anymore jaundice problems after tomorrow's appointment and we can get rid of the lights and not have any other extra Dr. appts. We have had lots of great help from the family. I think the boys are loving that they get to do fun things while I sit at home with the baby. Justin has been fantastic, he has been putting the boys to bed and helping out with everything. We are so happy that UPS is over!! Things are great and we are loving having Izabelle in our family. She is perfect!

The dreaded Billi Bed.

The boys loving their sister

The boys being boys

Dyllan loves his baby sister, he just can't quite get her name right. I think he was hooked on Cinderella so he calls her Izabella. One day he'll drop the A.

I never thought I would love having a girl so much!

Dyllan meeting his new sister for the first time. He was so excited and just wanted to hold her. Peyton was asleep, so he didn't meet her until later when we got home.

We were getting pretty bored waiting for discharge on Wednesday so Justin & Izabelle took a snooze.

All dressed and ready to go home!

She definitely has a high pitched girly scream.

Our beautiful little girl!

Just after her bath, a couple hours old.

Brand new meeting mom

She took her sweet time turning so I got a good nap in.

Monday, October 19, 2009

29 Weeks

This picture is to show Michelle that yes, I am showing and about to explode! We are having her tomorrow and we are so excited! The hospital rules are a bit crazy though. I won't get to see my boys until I come home and they won't get to see there baby sister! The hospitals won't let anyone under 14 come to visit and only two visitors at a time, including my husband. Ridiculous, huh? Dumb Swine Flu...

We will get pictures of the new babe up as soon as we can!

The Pumpkin Patch

I did playgroup at the pumpkin patch again this year. The kids always love it and we got a huge turn out! This year we had 27 kids show up. It was a lot of fun, thanks Mabeys!

The boys remembered that I hid toys and treats in the patch last year and knew what to expect this year. They were so anxious to find their loot!

A Day Off With Dad
On Justin's day off last week we had to go to Costco and Justin ran them through the store while they laughed and squealed through the store. They have so much fun with him. We will be seeing a lot more of him now too, he's done with UPS!!! We could not be happier. His schedule was 2AM - 6PM plus he's taking 7 classes over the internet. Now he has just one job, which hasn't been the case since we got married, and will have a more regular schedule!

Everything is more fun when dad is there.