Sunday, October 31, 2010


Halloween was freezing this year and I didn't get any pictures before we went out so these are from after we went trick or treating and the kids were exhausted!Her tiny profile and tiny piggies!

Our little Cougar cheerleader looked adorable! She didn't love trick or treating in the freezing rain.

Peyton was the "Red Iron Man". He's so cute and has some pretty sweet moves.

Dyllan was the "Grey Iron Man". As you can see he knows exactly what Iron Man does in the movie. (and he's worn his socks outside without shoes one too many times)

They were so exhausted! They are still adorable though, I am the luckiest mom ever!
The boys were so excited to be the Iron Mans. I love that they want to be the same thing every year. They always have their choice of whatever they want and always choose the same costume in different colors. We had fun trick or treating until the rain hit with the cold wind. They got lots of candy and were on a sugar high the rest of the night!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Izabelle's Birthday

Happy Birthday To our Boom!
October 20th Izabelle turned 1!

She got her own cake from nothing bundt cakes since their cake is so yummy.

She doesn't love being messy, so she took her time and tried to eat it with just two fingers.

I didn't get any pictures in the morning for some reason, but I think her favorite present from us was the stroller and babies!

I can't believe she's one!

Every girl needs to have a barbie cake at some point, right?

She is has such a cute little face!

Her brothers were happy to help her open presents. I think this one was the little people doll house.

She got these cute pink boots with an outfit from my sister and wanted them on before I put her jammies on that night. She is definitely all girl, she loves boots and clothes and babies!
I love her little piggies!
The next morning we went out with the stroller and babies and she had so much fun pushing them down the side walk back and forth and taking them in and out, she is so much fun to watch!

She is getting so big, kids really grow way too fast.
She loved these baby pumpkins on the porch and kept taking bites out of this one.

She knew she wasn't supposed to so she tried to sneak away with it.

These boots are made for walking and that's just what she does...all day. She is so busy all the time and running after her brothers.

Dyllan is such a good helper. Izabelle kept running her stroller into the grass and he would help her get it back on the cement so she could keep pushing her baby.

She is one spoiled girl, she has two protective loving brothers that will do anything to make her happy.

Happy birthday Izabelle! You bring so much happiness into our family. You are my little girlfriend and I hope you always will be. I love that you want me all the time and follow me around mimicking everything I do. You are so full of attitude, I love it. You are hilarious and dramatic and beautiful, you make everyday an adventure. We love you so so much!