Monday, May 18, 2009

Vacation 2009

Getting there. Bedtime Stories got us through a lot of driving!

We got there around 10:30 AM so we had plenty of time to spend at the beach on Monday. Dyllan got himself a sweet sand hand print and this is the face he pulled when I told him to look cool.

Monday night at La Jolla Cove.

This is a really pretty place to go and supposedly has great sunsets when it isn't cloudy.

The seals were fun to watch as they came up and beached themselves for the night.

Tuesday we spent the day at Disneyland. We weren't planning on going up to Anaheim, but the company that we book our vacation sent us a City Pass instead of the 3 in 1 San Diego pass. We didn't mind though, it gave us a lot of options and we all had a blast!
The Buzz Lightyear ride never had a line so we rode that quite a bit.

Dyllan was nervous at first but had fun driving the Autopia cars.

It's a small world was perfect, the boys loved the music and riding in the boat.

Too interested in the bushes made into animals to look at the camera while saying cheese

The highlight of Disneyland, Mickey! The boys were so excited to go see him!

As we were walking through the house I felt someone rubbing my back and when I turned around it was Mickey!? He grabbed Dyllan by the hand and took him on a personal tour of his house! D loved every minute of it and took off with Mickey without even looking back, which if you know my kids you know is unusual.

Mickey working his magic.

It was so nice of Mickey to spoil Dyllan like that.

Peyton wanted to see Minnie too, so we waited in line to get a picture with her and go through her house too. He is my little ladies man.

We even ran into Goofy walking through toon town.

Dyllan kept watching this roller coaster go around and drop down and told Justin every time that he didn't want to go on that and Justin kept telling him they were seeing if Mickey was over there. When they got to the front of the line he stuck him on and if you can't tell he was terrified at first. By the time he got off he loved it.
The Pinocchio ride

I loved his face!
The Heimlich ride in California Adventure. He was not very excited to get on this one.
The boys wanted to see Mickey one more time before we left so we went back to Disneyland and we rode Pirates and played a while longer. I was really surprised at how much they were able to ride and play being so small. I think Justin liked it as much as the boys, it had been about 20 years since he had been to Disneyland and he didn't remember anything so it was a lot of fun for the whole family!
Wednesday we spent the day at Sea World.
We watched them train the dolphins and later watched the show that they put on.

It was so fun to watch their excitement during the whole vacation

One reason I love having boys, they really love their mommies!

They would have sat at the Aquarium and watched the fish and turtles all day!
Petting the sting rays was fun and Dyllan even worked up the courage to feel them. I'm sure Peyton would have grabbed them, but his arms aren't long enough. I liked that Sea World had hands on things for everyone to do.
We went to Shamu's show and this is where we sat. Shamu comes right up on that tan cement right behind us.

I wish we had a picture after because we were soaked. Peyton didn't love that part or the fact that the giant whale was right in his face. The show was incredible though. It's amazing what the trainers are able to do with those enormous animals.

There is a Sesame Street area at Sea World with rides and a things for the kids to do. Dyllan had fun going on all the rides with his dad while I held sleeping Peyton. He was nervous before every ride at Sea World, Disneyland and the Zoo but then loved them after he had gone. I think the roller coaster traumatized him.

His mean mom stuck him in the splash area and got him nice and wet.

We got to see Elmo while we were there. Peyton would have loved to see Elmo but he would not wake up for anything at this point.

Dyllan loved the bounce area, he went a couple of times before we finished the day at Sea World.
Thursday we spent the day at San Diego Zoo.
My stud muffins. Well, two of them.

Sitting by the tigers

The hippos at the Zoo were as big as this bronze one, they were huge

Riding the Skyfari Tram

My little men waiting for the sea lion show to start

Riding the bus tour around so that we didn't miss anything!

Being silly at the bears

This is how we spent every evening, walking along the beach

Our last night in San Diego playing until we were exhausted.

Friday morning and afternoon we spent our time at the beach trying to wear the boys out before the long drive back to St. George.

Dad dug a big hole for the boys to play in and Dyllan let us bury him up to his neck! I thought he would flip out not being able to move anything but he thought it was great!

Justin has wanted to live here for a long time. I think he was out there just dreaming about being here all the time. Then he took the boys out to let them dream too. I don't think they would need much convincing.

This is Justin in 40 years when we finally make it out to San Diego. Maybe we'll buy a second home there someday and live there all winter. I'll make sure he doesn't have the fur all over his body like this guy did though.

The trip was fantastic and we can't wait to go back & do it all again! Next year will be a little different though with three!

Good bye San Diego!

We broke up all the driving by staying at my parents house in St. George. For some reason we didn't take any pictures while we were there, but the boys had so much fun swimming and playing golf and basketball. It was a great way to break up the time in the car. We also got to see The Vanderwerffs and hit the outlet malls. It was such a nice vacation and now it is nice to be home.