Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011!

Some really quick shots right before we walked out the door of Wolverine, Sleeping Beauty & Thor.

Dyllan as Wolverine - 5 

 Izabelle as Beauty - 2

Peyton as Thor - 4
The kids did great trick-or-treating, they loved going to their friends houses most and hated the houses that were decked out with flashing lights, bloody walk ways and scary decorations. It was a great night though and we were so happy we went out when we did, just as we were finishing it started to get really cold. I think we were out for about two hours before we went home to dump the loot and eat candy while we danced around the living room. It was a great Halloween! Now we are looking forward to tomorrow when baby girl Ford will arrive! 
Since Izabelle can't write thank yous like the boys can, we did this as a substitute for her birthday thank yous and made them into cards. Thank you to everyone who came over, called and thought about her on her birthday!