Sunday, October 23, 2011

Izabelle is 2!!

 My baby girl turned two on the 20th and is so grown up! She loves to dance and sing and do anything extremely girlie, but at the same time likes to play ball & cars and "yegos" with her brothers. She loves books and iphones and can navigate mine as well as I can. She loves snacks and treats and fruit, especially apples. I love her long curly hair and spunky attitude (most of the time). She loves her family and likes it best when all of us are with her. If one of us is missing she asks where they are until they get back. She is excited, as of right now, for her baby sister to come. I love that she has to be the last one to tell me that she loves me at night, Peyton will yell I love you mom and before he can even finish Izabelle says "love you mom" until I tell her that I love her too. I love how obsessed she is with the temple. I love to see the temple is her favorite song and if she sees angel Moroni from any distance in the car she instantly yells "I see the temple" until everyone responds that yes, we see the temple too. I hope she never loses that love for the temple. She most definitely has her daddy wrapped around her tiny little fingers and knows exactly how to get what she wants from him. I'm pretty sure he loves it as much as she does. Everyday she listens for the chimes on the door and yells "daddy home" and goes running to him with open arms. Izabelle is hilarious and brings so much fun into our family. She pretty much dominates us all with her personality and we all get told what to do all day. She will be a strong woman for sure.

On a walk in our beautiful neighborhood
 St. George trip playing with her buddies
Showing off her big Ford lips
 She loves swimming
 Our trip to NY with her two best friends
 She loves chocolate

Happy Birthday Izabelle!! We love you so much!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Peyton in Preschool!

Peyton started preschool last week at Bingham High School! I thought for sure that he was going to have a hard time leaving and being by himself, but he proved me wrong, very wrong. Last Tuesday as soon as we pulled into the parking lot he started to unbuckle and tell me goodbye. I made him wait at least until we got to the curb so he could walk on the sidewalk up to the gate. It made it really easy for me to send another one to school and at this point I needed easy. I thought that maybe after his first day or two he wouldn't want to go anymore, but wrong again, he is excited to go everyday. I guess my little boy isn't so little anymore and is perfectly fine being independent just like his big brother, which is a good thing with Baby #4 coming anytime in the next couple weeks. We have had to run on a pretty tight schedule and it will only get more difficult once she's here. It's great though, it just means that my little family is growing up. I just wish time would slow
down a bit instead of continually getting faster. I can't believe I have 2 in school!

Here is my Peyton
He looks quite a bit like his dad to me in this picture.
Of course I made him take pictures for his first day of school, and it was killing him that there was a big slug sitting on the sidewalk and he couldn't touch it until I was done.                                     

Way to go Peyt, we love you!