Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bobby Wilson

For those of you who have no clue who Bobby Wilson is, he is the catcher for the SL Bees and my kids favorite friend. He left just before the season ended to play for the Angels again. He is now on the roster in the playoffs! We are so happy for him but hope that he comes back to SL next year! These pictures are from July when we went down & watched the fireworks with Bobby & Lori. Dyllan was so excited he ran right over as soon as Bobby came out of the dugout and Bobby picked him up. He is so great with the boys, we really appreciate him. We wish him luck with the rest of the playoffs!

My dad, us, & Bobby

The cute boys! I love baseball season!

Signing his jersey

Meeting Lori

Waiting for fireworks

BABY UPDATE: We are hoping she stays in utero through this weekend so that Langer will be able to be there and Justin will be done with UPS for good. If all goes as planned, she will be here Tuesday!

Monday, September 21, 2009

So Long Sweet Summer

We have had a fun summer this year! It has has been full of baseball games,

(They are watching Bobby Wilson, he is right between them in the field, I will have to post about that next)
going to the zoo,

hanging out at the pool,
riding bikes and enjoying being outside.

Some other things we've been up to these past few weeks have been, getting all the rest and relaxing we can get before another baby is here,

P90Xing with dad

and watching lots of what my kids call the Jesus movies. We decided to get the living scripture dvds for the kids and I am very surprised at how much they love watching them and understand. They get to watch one every night before they go to bed. I highly recommend them for families.

They love their Jesus movies!

They really do love each other! I have to remind them of that sometimes.

Peyton has become a lover of shoes. He gets in my closet and walks around in my heels. This particular day he was sword fighting with Dyllan in my heels. Little boys are so funny!

He was cleaning all the marker off of his hands with his tongue.

Justin had put the boys in time out while I was doing my visiting teaching and left them in there a while. When I got home I could hear them playing together up in their room so Justin & I went to see what they were doing. Peyton had gotten the markers and colored all over both of their clothes, the pictures, bed, books, pretty much everything in the room while dyllan did puzzles and read books. They are really close, but so different in their personalities!

A new baby

Well, sort of, we traded in the truck and got ourselves an IS 250. I think Justin is in love, he babies the car. Three car seats fit in the back of the cars so we don't have to be minivan/suv owners quite yet.

If you are looking to get a steal on a nice car, I highly recommend CJ Prestman. They have branded titles, but are in perfect condition. We have never had any problems with their cars.

We are ready and waiting for baby number three to join our family. She will be joining us on the 20th of October, that is if we can't get her here before that!