Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Walter in Kindiegarten

Dyllan started kindergarten today and was so excited! I thought he might get a little bit nervous when it was time to go but I was wrong, he couldn't wait to leave this morning. Justin went to work early so that he would be able to leave for a minute and walk with us to school. I think it made D feel like he was the luckiest kid there. He did such a great job, he ran over to his class and got in line without even hesitating. He did say goodbye to me this year at least. It makes it so easy when they are so independent. There was one mom there that sat at the playground sobbing after the kids went in. I can't imagine being that emotional about my kids going to school, but apparently it is really really hard for some people. Thanks for being so independent Walter!! I hope Peyton and the girls will be as excited to go to school as you are!

First day of kindergarten!

Boys can't take pictures without making some sort of face in at least a few of them.

I was so happy that he was excited to go to school, it sure makes it easy for me to send him and know that he is confident and happy to be learning and making new friends.

He is so handsome!!

These two best friends will be spending a little less time with each other from now on.

I can't believe how old they are getting!

When I came to pick him up he came out and told me he had a great day at school.

He cannot wait for preschool to start in 4 weeks!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Seven years ago today I made the best decision of my life starting a family with the most incredible man I know. Justin is always trying to please me even when I'm mean and cranky. He is so patient with me and my quirks. I love that he teases me and loves to have fun and spend time with our family. I love that our boys get so excited to see him and look forward to his day off even if there is nothing planned. I love that our daughter has him wrapped around her finger and that she lights up when he comes around. I can't wait to watch this next little girl do the same thing. I love that we have set goals and have been able to accomplish them together. I truly could not ask for a more perfect match for me, I could not live without him. In seven short years we have had so many triumphs and struggles and I would not change any of them because they have taught us so much and made us so strong. I know that we could get through anything together. He has worked so hard at school and work to take care of our family and allow me to be a full time mother and wife and I appreciate him so much for that. I know that he would do anything for our family and I couldn't ask for more. I am the luckiest girl in the world to have this incredibly handsome man to be my best friend for eternity. I love you Justin!!